Why this blog?

Having put together a few bits and pieces to start this new site for the Diamond Creek OM:NI group I sat back and thought …why would we want to do it?

To be quite honest I’ve had no experience of blogs, I sort of knew what blogs were but have never blogged or studied a blog site before. I may only have ever casually wandered into one on my general travels around the internet but recently discovered that they are easier and cheaper to set up that a web site.  My understanding of the word blog is that it’s coined from a “Web Log” and the definition of a “Log” is …’a record of performance, events or day to day activity”…. (Courtesy of the Merriam – Webster on line dictionary). I guess as the initiator of this blog, and I stress initiator as I don’t wish to be the owner, the privilege of that is to remain for all the Diamond Creek group members equally, I feel I should give some degree of explanation as to how I perceive it should work.

So, how did it start?……

It began with a conversation that Ken Ramplin & I had some weeks ago over the fact that some members of the group were missing out on information such as meeting dates and future planned events. It was suggested that we produce something like a ‘Calender of Events’ to be circulated regularly around the group members. Then I put forward the idea that we could extend this into something more permanent and create a blog which would not only be a reference for local information, but would also enable the Diamond Creek group to participate with the sharing of their anecdotes, experiences and knowledge. It could also be extremely valuable for those who are away from Melbourne or unable to attend meetings for what ever reason.

I should stress that I do not see it as an advertising tool for OM:NI per se., that would never be it’s primary function, but in the background it could showcase the fact that we are a successful and active part of a larger organisation which is available any interested party.

So why the need for this site when we engage in discussion at our regular fortnightly meetings? ….

Firstly I believe the events and information will be beneficial to all, and that was really the important starting point.

Secondly, the whole group came together because we share a common interest, and that is most important to our success, yet within the group there are individuals with varied interests, some sharing the same, and I see the blog as a conduit to expanding on these. For instance a few of the members belong to writing groups – the blog could be a place to publish their works. There are men involved in a cycling group who maybe would like to record their activities and rides. There are philosophers, photographers, gardeners and those who are just damn good at telling an interesting story that we all enjoy sharing and can have a picture gallery which could speak a million words.  As far as I’m aware there are only two members of the group that do not possess a computer and the rest of us are PC literate to one degree or another, which is neither here nor there as we should  find it a continual (if at sometime exasperating) learning process. We may be old(er) but I see no reason for us not to embrace the use of modern technology, and its functions, as a communication process so long as it is an extension of our group and not a replacement – and it could just be a whole lot of fun.

Thirdly I perceive our blog to become a record of the activities and achievements of the Diamond Creek group – for the group and by the group.

And, finally, I would like the blog to show the world that the Diamond Creek OM:NI blokes are truly……

……Older Men – With New Ideas

Hey….. I think I just posted my very first blog!

3 thoughts on “Why this blog?

  1. No Daryl, you and Tim are not sacked, we value your comments with all – most of the group voted for the blog but only Ken, Bruce & Michael volunteered to assist with initial set up to have a reasonable presentation before we invite all the blokes on to use the site proper.
    Cheers – Nick


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