OMG – I’m no technocrat

I have no idea what I’m doing, or what I have done to get this far (maybe as a result of an “incursion” with the curb in Heidelberg today), but well done to Nick and the team. I see this as a valuable tool to keep in touch outside meeting times, and for me, selfishly maybe, when we are away for months at a time in our beloved caravan exploring this beloved country.

Cheers from BasOMNI

6 thoughts on “OMG – I’m no technocrat

  1. Hey Barry – great stuff, I think you are the first on the blog. The guys will be looking forward to hearing (and seeing some pictorial evidence) about your future caravan adventures around this wonderful country or ours.


    • Hi Nick

      To be honest, I really struggled with the instructions, but soldiered on, and hope I can make some sort of contribution to this valuable info source in future.

      Sincere congrats to you for getting this up

      See you on the trail on Wednesday



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