Vol 5                                             25th July 2013                                 Edition 549

Submitted by Ken Ramplin



I think the wattles are a sign that spring is not that far away. It was certainly a little warmer. Again we matched our best turnout – eight riders. Good to see that and we hope that more Blokes will join us soon.

Especially heartening to have (Sir) Brian along, contrary to popular belief, you have been missed Mate!  Funny how we scared one man away when we arrived at our coffee stop in Burgundy street then,  the sight of some lycra attracted another!……….and all the way from Wangaratta!

What might happen if we wore the full kit and caboodle?  Last week coming through Westerfolds park (and bringing up the rear with – who was it?)  I saw a fox. That’s a first. He jumped quickly over a lazy dog then took off. On the way back to Marngrook, I stopped for a chat with Leigh Marshall, Gary Burke and another bloke whose name I can’t remember – this held me back a bit but, I managed to do all the essentials and to be ready for when Daryl M arrived to pick me up for the visit to Whittlesea Shire Offices.

John Doutch, as a Peer Educator for COTA gave a talk for just over an hour on ‘Beyond Maturity Blues’.

COTA delivers this program for and on behalf of Beyond Blue. I am so happy that I went. My motivation was primarily to support John and to learn more about depression and anxiety -especially as he travels so far from home to provide this service. John looked casual, was relaxed, and was totally familiar with the  subject. His ability to include the audience was a lesson well worth noteing. There is no doubt in my mind that what we do at OM:NI, has helped so many of our blokes to face and hopefully, overcome the sorts of issues John was addressing. Daryl M, Ray E, Ron W also found the session well worthwhile.

Keep Cycling!……….kr

One thought on “OMNICYCLE NEWS

  1. Thanks Ken, I am really chuffed that you guys turned up, and more importantly, got something out of the conversation. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, and dealing with the new concept of “A virtual Village” that this forward looking council is pursuing. Watch this space on the concept, it could be huge if handled correctly, cheers, John D


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