Blogging in the Dark

Here I am over twelve hours since registering, writing my first blog. Some thoughts I had as I lay awake in the early hours (1.30am or thereabout). Should a blog be factual, fictional, historical, hysterical or all of the above?  If a blogger doesn’t blog should he be  given a blogging? Should he be called a blodgger? I had some other thoughts(blogging brilliant they were) but by the time I woke they were gone. I shouldn’t go on too long or you will say I suffer from verbal diarrhoea. I just want to thank Nick & the team for setting up this site as I am sure it will aid us in our communication, conversation and maybe even our constipation. Well as they say in the classics  “Th, Th, Th, That’s all Folks.”

See you Tuesday



2 thoughts on “Blogging in the Dark

  1. Welcome abord the blog Tom – and I would think all of your above ideas of what a blog should be are correct providing the ‘blogger’ belives it important to share with the ‘bloggees’ ! – now we need to work on your profile.


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