Boys on bikes

(A tribute to the OMNICYCLE blokes – their courage, dedication, and sore knees.)
The alarm sounds far too early
Dragging us out of deep slumber
Wondering in the foggy haze
Why are we up so early?

Then it dawns – today is bike day
Getting ready in a hurry
Should have done this last night
Helmut, nicks, safe yellow jersey, gloves
Lots of lotion on the sore knee

At the meeting place
All the blokes happy to be there
Pleased to see the others again
Handshakes, smiles, jokes

Decision time
Lazy Warrandyte, medium Heidelberg or distant Fairfield
Sometimes to the city, if we are feeling fit
Plan one day to ride down the bay
The annual Lilydale to Warburton marathon

Mutual agreement – today is coffee at Beasley’s day
Maybe next week doughnut time at Heidelberg
Who cares, we are just out to have fun
Some exercise, but mostly sharing talk and jokes
And appreciating the friendships

Head off on the trail
Weather is clear, little chilly, sun rising over the trees
The change soon begins
Explore side river trails, short cuts, try no hands riding
Have now transformed
From old blokes – to boys on bikes

Skinny arsed boys
Out to have fun
Away for the day
Not a care in the world
Back to our younger selves
Just boys on bikes; mates having fun

The group has grown over time
From a beginning group of three
Now to a peloton of ten
What an awesome sight
As we roll around the bends
Trying not to fall off too much

Our rides have now expanded
The beauty of the bay ride to Mordiallic
Fun ferry ride across to Williamstown
Remembering hot grind of the Goulburn Trail
Navigating the bends of the Maribrynong
And there are more to tackle yet

We ride on a range of bikes
Mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrids
Old bikes, new bikes, fast and slow
Wide and narrow tyres, different gears
Who cares?
As long as the wheels go round

We ride all year round
Don’t care about the seasons
Winter we rug up well and ride through puddles
Summer we don our lycra, and enjoy the sun
Spring is best, the wattles are blooming and birds are flying
But all seasons are fun for us boys

We ride three abreast –kings of the road
Taking up the whole trail
Maybe arrogant, but still courteous at heart
We cheerfully give way
To walking groups, couples, mums with prams, running dogs
Ringing our bells and saying hello

At that time of day
Social barriers are down
Everybody is a friend on the trail
All say good morning
And we are just boys on bikes
Having fun

Warrandyte is beautiful – outside table in the sun
Sitting for a long time – chatting, laughing, talking, joking
Gradually finding out more about the others
And appreciating our new found friends
On going friendly tussles with the waiters
Why won’t they split our coffee bills

Sometimes a man is sad – a family issue, death of friends
We give him space and let him be
Or he talks it out and we listen
Main aim to share stories and laughs
Nobody minds – we are there to care and share
And to enjoy the moment

Finally we have to leave
Climb on the bikes and down the trail
Return to our other lives
Lawns to mow, gutters to clean, house jobs
Now we become responsible family men
And no longer boys on bikes
Until the next time

Bruce McCorkill August 2013

4 thoughts on “Boys on bikes

  1. Fantastic work Bruce, alluding to the truth without giving too much away, massaging the truth without telling fibs, and summing up the truth in the last stanza with eloquence.


  2. Hey Bruce – this is looking good – future additions are greatly anticipated. I’ve taken the editors liberty of categorising it into the Writers page.
    Ride on!


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