Rice Pudding

Rice Pudd

Now here’s a strange coincidence.

Last Friday – 9th of August – I had a sudden desire to make a rice pudding for dessert after dinner. I don’t think I have made one for at least eighteen months ( or more) but being quick & simple to make one was duly prepared. Nothing fancy, just a standard rice pudd with vanilla, nutmeg and a nice brown skin on the top – went down well.

— so whats the point of this story you ask?

The point is that the next day I mentioned it to someone and they informed me that ..
9th of August was

& if you don’t believe it

2 thoughts on “Rice Pudding

  1. If only I’d known. I might have made a pudding too. Then again……………….
    I do remember my Mum’s jam roly-poly. Simple fare but, very welcome on a cold winters day…………..kr


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