Swooping Magpies

Hi OMNICyclists,

I went for a ride out to Beazleys (sans coffee of course) this afternoon as I am still not up to running training unfortunately. As I left our normal Eltham meeting point and headed down past the school crossing I felt the first “click” on the helmet, then another and another, before I realised a magpie had me in his or her sights. I am a (suffering) Carlton supporter, but had no outward appearance of same. The attacks continued until the Eltham Footy Oval. Needless to say I took the shortcut around the tennis courts on the way back. Just a warning if we cycle that way on Thursday and beyond.

Cheers from BasOMNI

One thought on “Swooping Magpies

  1. That’s probably the same magpie that got me last year – so I actually bypassed that spot on my ride to Fairfield yesterday – no confrontation was experienced.


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