An Uneventful Ride

Thursday 17th October ride was singularly notable for being quite uneventful – apart from missing out on donuts with the coffee there is nothing out of the ordinary to report. Even the expected inclement (Thursday) weather turned out to be quite pleasant with a fortuitous following wind on the return journey.
Bill, Barry & Nick set off from Dimo at 8.00am and met up with Lindsay and Bruce at Eltham – all other guys being away somewhere or otherwise engaged – though it was highly suspected that Sir Brian was engaged in sleeping!
So – a regulation ride to Heidelberg, where Bruce parted for duties in Thornbury, and back to Diamond Creek by 12.00pm.
A nice ride with a general lack of sore knees.


One thought on “An Uneventful Ride

  1. Yeah, where were the donuts??? I missed them. But made up for it when I met Geraldine and Vaughan at a new bakery and had a lemon cheesecake slice with my coffee, only problem I had to pay for it. But it was a good day and glad the guys were motivated into going out in the rain which magically turned into sunshine!


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