Bay Ride 7th November 2013

Thanks to Nick, the Peloton set off by train to the City to tackle the Mordialloc run again.

We took the scenic route from Flinders Street to Port Melbourne thanks to Bill’s impeccable navigational skills! As well as the Tassie Ferry, a large cruise ship was berthed. A huge ship, I couldn’t help but think of the sheep transporters. I’m sure the guests on board don’t think that way. Once on the track, a pleasant and uneventful journey to Mordialloc. I did notice that extensive line marking has been undertaken at the spot where Bill met his waterloo last ride.

Disappointingly, the kiosk at Mordi had limited fare on offer – new owners having just taken over.

Plan ‘B’ and we presented at the fish and chip shop we visited last time to be greeted enthusiastically by the owner who assured us she did indeed , remember us. How could she forget such a handsome bunch of manhood? A bit breezy at the rotunda overlooking the bay and we saw no sign of Bruce paddling over the waves. We can only assume he was in fact, overseeing the fencing contractors. Taking advantage of the wind change, a brisk ride back to town with a brief stop for coffee at Elwood. Following the light rail linear park  was a pleasant way to end the ride. All five, Lindz,Nick, Bill, Leon and Ken agreed that the Bay Ride is a pleasant change from our regular Thursday outing. No short, sharp hills and with the added bonus of the fresh sea air and stinking seaweed. Those who started and finished at Diamo covered 75k’s – Eltham a little less. A very enjoyable day and personally, great to be back in the saddle.

We could have a new starter this Thursday, Ken Paynter who we have met before and who we caught up with at the Eltham Town Fair last Sunday. Ken is a member of Eltham Rotary…


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