See You Soon Boys

ATDW_Large_Landscape__9273563_2533_Saddleback_Highlights__jason_harrisonTwo more picture perfect days saw us head inland on day 1. We went to the awesome Saddleback Mountain lookout. Over the rich pastoral land between the coast and the Southern Escarpment, not totally unlike the Kimberley escarpment, except coastal green vs outback ochre. We saw several magnificent waterfalls rivalling those in Litchfield NP, went on a “500m skywalk, 50m above the forest floor”, walked through a subtropical rainforest that contains 75% of the palms in NSW…………but before white settlement, the whole Illawarra region was a subtropical rainforest. Then settlement, cedar harvesting, and clear felling for dairy farming put an end to all that!!

Yesterday we went coastal walking between Minamurra and Kiama in perfect sunshine with a slight cooling wind. This NSW South Coast has some of the best coastal scenery we have ever seen. It just happened to be my 65th birthday, so up to the Gerroa Fishermans Club for a Lobster dinner in the BEST scenic outlook high over 7 mile beach we have ever experienced. It was a still, clear night, balmy, and food and view to wow anyone.

Today we drove up to Shellharbour for a snoop, and found yet another lovely seaside village on the beautiful NSW South Coast. Back to Kiama for Hunky Dory fish & chips for lunch, and back to the CP via Crooked Creek winery to pick up several bottles of “chocolate port”, 10 years in the barrel. It was a partially cloudy day, but an hours walk on the beach was a good way to finish off.

Tomorrow, we are going to Gerringong Market day, the to a Heritage Centre, and hopefully some surf fishing tomorrow afternoon. We have booked to go to a live play about feuding holiday couples on Sunday, have Monday off, then head home, so this will be my last post this holiday.

Love to all from Bas & Den

5 thoughts on “See You Soon Boys

  1. Forgive me Barry – after reading it I couldn’t help but find where it was, take editorial privilage & insert a picture of Saddleback Mountain Lookout into your post. Have a safe journey back & we are looking forward to seeing you back on the track. What the heck does chocolate port taste like? – not chocolate I hope!!!


    • Thanks Nick – The morning we were on Saddleback, it was clear blue sky, and we could see beyond Woolongong (on the far left of your pic), Kiama on the right was so clear we could see the lighthouse easily. Still no luck attaching any file to e-mail or blog, so will need council on return. Chocolate port is aged 10yrs min in oak, and has the smoothness of chocolate with a hint of the taste……I also bought a bottle of lemon port with parallel characteristics…………and also joined their wine club in case I (or anyone) needs some in the future!!!!!!!!!!
      Cheers from BasOMNI


  2. Hi Barry and Barry’s boss,Well you guys are sure having a wonderful sightseeing adventure together and your joy is certainly coming through in your wording.
    Now Barry seeing that Lobster is the meal of the day on your birthday I have noted in my diary for you to take me out on that day next yearso I can enjoy some Lobster too!
    Continue enjoy this special time together and look forward to hearing your story on your return.
    Best wishes
    Ron 🙂


    • Thanks Ron We always enjoy the journey as much as the destination, and that ensures we are living our dreams. That doesn’t mean we don’t miss our friends and family, but this is our time to enjoy the fruits of our labours. But still looking forward to crossing swords with my new and valued OMNI friends/ family soon. Kindest regards from Bas & Den

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