Message from the President of COTA Victoria

…posted as a comment in “Why this Blog”

Hello OM:NI Diamond Creek, I was delighted to meet a few OM:NI blokes at the COTA Ian-Jungwirth-b5d6ce76-349c-484b-9e3a-0f33a00a1c5f-2-495x880Victoria’s Annual General Meeting yesterday 27th November 2013. Ken gave me this link to your Blog. (I’ve often thought of setting one up, but didn’t know how to do it.)
I have had a quick look at you blog. WOW you are an active lot! This is the sort of stuff so many of us need as we leave a lifetime of paid work and enter a new phase. It is so important to have new ideas, new networks, new friends and new activities.
Kind Regards,
Ian Jungwirth (President, COTA Victoria)

Council of the Ageing

Council of the Ageing

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