Article from the December 5th edition of ‘COTA CONNECTS’



Above: Ken Ramplin and Leon Higgins at Seniors Festival Open Day with COTA Vic banner.

COTA’s OM:NI (Older Men: New Ideas) groups are attracting new members. In the Diamond Valley area of Melbourne there are four groups with another two planned. Ken Ramplin from the Diamond Creek and Eltham groups told COTA CONNECTS that these two groups had reached 80 members and there was now a need to set up extra groups with Hurstbridge and Montmorency to come on board soon. Ken said there is a great need for OM:NI as membership builds social connection and so many men, particularly those who have just retired need a place where they can discuss issues in a relaxed atmosphere.
Sadly there are some men who as they age become disconnected from the community so OM:NI can be a life saver.
Ken says the secret to the success of the groups is the trust and respect that has been built up and that all effort has been made to be inclusive. Some men have not experienced this acceptance and trust before.
To find out how to join an OM:NI group go to the COTA VIC website.

Note … the COTA CONNECTS artcle also posted a link to our OMNI DC blog

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