“Down The Bay or Up The Creek”

Thursday ride – 12th December 2013


Amazing weather today, for a change, which was not the usual predicted rain and cold that Thursdays had been serving up to us for the past few weeks – a peloton of eight turned out for the ride. Bill, Barry, Ken & Nick caught the train from Dimo at 8.25am and were joined at Eltham by Leon, Lindsay, Bruce & Brian.

Turned out our train driver had some delusions of being a kamikaze pilot which indirectly had an effect on the day’s riding. The choice of destinations was to either take the Maribyrnong River Trail or the Bay ride to Mordialloc – the vote went to the river ride (much to Barry’s disappointment – Bay ride next time mate!) – either way we were to disembark the train at Southern Cross Station. This proved to be a small logistical mistake due the attempted removal of eight bikes, eight riders, one exit door and a gung-ho driver who didn’t seem to have any conception that there were actually passengers on his train, resulting in Ken, Bill & Nick trapped behind – destination Flagstaff! Not a big problem, they thought. We’ll just get off at the next stop and ride straight down LaTrobe Street to join the peloton at Docklands on the trail. Which was a good plan except that Ken suddenly decided he would start a fight with the up escalator – result?……

…………………………..Escalator 1 – Ken 0

Separating the antagonists took some time, meanwhile Bill rode off to take the fight to some city financial organisation that needed his advice on fiscal responsibility while Ken and Nick eventually resumed their journey on a clear city morning with just a cool breeze to accompany their progress. The challenge then was to locate the rest of the peloton who’d carried on regardless but unaware of the altercation with Metro infrastructure – finally tracked down, drinking coffee and having a jolly god time, in a Harbour City coffee shop.

After that the day got better, the sun shone, the river sparkled clean & wide as the boys made their way up to Garry Mehigan’s  Boathouse restaurant for coffee (seconds for some!) and to meet up with Bill, who we think won the contest. – the coffee, conversation & sunshine were well enjoyed……….

……………….. and…….. Ken ‘HIT THE WALL’…………


From then on the ride progressed along up the hill to Avondale Heights and circumnavigation of the return climb back to Harbour City for a “Healthy Choice” lunch around 1.00pm.


It should be mentioned that on the return train journey to Eltham a certain member of the omnicycle team was seen to be respectfully avoiding all escalators.

I think it appropriate here to mention the kindness, the concern and the efficiency of the fellow passengers, the Metro staff and (especially) the station Paramedic who assisted at Flagstaff Station. I doubt they will ever read this but – thanks Guys.

One thought on ““Down The Bay or Up The Creek”

  1. Good resume Nick. In spite of our previous experience on this trail, we still managed a couple of “diversions”. It must have been the very poor signposting!!!!!!!!


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