omnicycleThursday 30th January 2014. Weather – Blue skies light cloud cover, cool start warming to pleasant.

Is this a record? (no, not the black thing with a hole in the middle)
A huge Peloton with nine blokes set off from Diamond Creek and all points south and headed toward Heidelberg and the donut shop. Nick’s 90% rule came into force around the boat shed at Westerfolds Park.
The rule goes something like this. “If any member of the peloton is to have a puncture, on 90% of occasions, it will be the rider furthermost from the leader of the Group”.
This means of course, that most of the Group doesn’t even miss the afflicted! Sorry Baz. We wish we could have been there to whisper – ‘better him than me’. Ken P branched off along the way to fulfill another appointment meaning that a depleted seven got to fight over the donuts. (Which were in short supply) So Baz, it was a little difficult to maintain the conversation without you but, we battled manfully on and managed to solve most of the worlds problems. It was generally agreed that the answer is No 49. And no correspondence will be entered into! We are so blessed to have this trail available to us and to have the company of like minded men to share it with. Thanks to you Rob for joining us over the past little while. Enjoy your U3A writing Group and you are most welcome to join us whenever you can.
Forewarning—–Warburton Rail Trail. Pencil this in for Thursday 1st May.
Keep on Pedalling!………

3 thoughts on “OMNICYCLE

  1. That’s twice I have proven the 90% rule, and both were rear tyre punctures. Sorry I missed the rest of the ride, but the tyre itself was partially shredded, and the replacement tube was playing “peek a boo” through the casing, so I retreated home, riding slowly on the bitumen/ concrete, and walking over all gravel! Better luck next ride, and hopefully a clear ride in the triathalon.


  2. Sorry Ken – taken editorial privilage here …. not only thought that the picture of the Omnicycle was entirely appropriate to this post ( don’t think they had punctures with that machine – and doubt it would be much good on the DC trail either!), do you think it would suit Baz in his triathlon? (wouldn’t need cleats but no flats,eh?) … also I have inserted your post into the omnicycle category …. berate me and I’ll remove all if you are offended.
    ….. and I totally disagree šŸ˜¦ … the answer, according to the late Douglas Adams, is 42!! šŸ™‚


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