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Hi Guys,
My belated apologies for my absence today. Just as I was about to leave, Freya suddenly had a seizure. I fed her, then suddenly she fell to the ground, convulsing and foaming at the mouth. I have never felt so helpless as there was nothing I could do, except yell for Geraldine to call the vet. After three minutes she jumped up and ran madly around the yard. So at about 8.00 Am when Brian rang, we were just about at the vets. They checked her out, said they would take blood tests in the morning. An interesting thing for the guys with dogs, I thought first she had been bitten by a snake, but the vet said if this happens it takes about two hours before the dog starts to act strangely. Hopefully she will be OK and if this happens again, she may have to go onto epilepsy medication.
Anyway, to calm my nerves, I took myself off for a ride in the afternoon. First to Warrandyte from Eltham, thought about stopping at Beasley’s, but there was a hastily scrawled sign out the front “No more cranky OMNI men today please!” So kept on going to end of the Mullum Mullum Tindals Road. Checked out the extension of the trail to near Eastlink, they are now actively working on this, the gravel underlay has been laid, they are building a bridge over the creek, and I reckon it may be ready in maybe a month’s time. This could enable us to do this section, then about one kilometre on the road which would lead to Eastlink, which we could then follow into Heidelberg and go home via the Yarra Trail. Would be a good long ride.
Then I went along Tindals Rd to Springvale Rd, it’s on road but a clearly defined bike lane. Then down Springvale Rd, firs bit is off-road but all downhill on grass, till it links up again on the Mullum Mullum trail and comes out at Beasleys. Sign was still there, so continued back to Eltham, but saw a sign leading to coffee and cake at Pettys Orchard, so went there and had coffee and cake sitting outside their café, with a beaut view over the orchard. Then back home to Eltham. Total distance 31 km from Eltham return, time 2.5 hours with only the coffee stop. This would be a nice ride.
Felt a lot calmer after this.

5 thoughts on “OMNI Solo Cyclist

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  2. kramplin on March 7, 2014 at 7:42 am said: Edit

    Anxious moments when Man’s best friend is not well. Hope all turns out OK Bruce. OMNICYCLE took a turn around through Research and along the aqueduct trail then back to Eltham and headed for Beasleys. Rob told us about the coffee stop at Petty’s orchard so we took a break there too. Recommend their apple and rhubarb crumble. Absolutely yummy! Linz proved the 90% rule – again! Puncture just by lower Eltham Park. The Diamo Boys clocked up 42k’s by the time they got back, so that was equal to the H’berg run.

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  3. brucemccorkillr on March 7, 2014 at 12:31 pm said: Edit

    Doesn’t that just prove the “great minds think alike” saying. Yes a lovely setting for morning tea. The funny part is that they looked at me a bit strangely, probably thinking I had a few punctures along the way, that’s why I was so much behind the main peleton!

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  4. ohn doutch on March 7, 2014 at 5:08 pm said: Edit

    Why the “cranky OM:NI sign”. As Pauline Hanson said on more than one occasion “please explain”

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