This was a great ride today. Nine OMNI men started out from various destinations, to meet up at Eltham Railway Station, to then sort out where to ride to. There was much discussion as usual, the choice being the Bay Ride, Fairfield or the Warrandyte Trail ( with the secret gluttonous thought in every man’s mind about the fabulous food and coffee at the newly discovered treasure, Pettys Orchard, an orchard at Templestowe, growing and selling organic fruit and vegetables.
Decision was made to try a variation from Beasleys along the Warrandyte Trail. This was to go out the Warrandyte Trail, right to the end at Tindalls Road, then to check out progress being made on an extension to this trail, then to go along Tindalls Rd to Springvale Rd and then back to the Warrandyte Trail, and finally to stop at Pettys for coffee and cake for some.
The extension at the end of Tindalls Rd was found to be well in progress. When this is completed, it will nearly join up with the Eastlink Trail, which would mean the men could follow the Eastlink Trail into the Bourke Rd bridge and then join the main Yarra Trail back to Diamond Creek, probably approximately 50 kls.
Thrills but no spills as the men frantically rode down alongside Springvale Rd on a grassy sloped area, probably looked like the men from Snowy River on bikes, but having just as much fun.
Finally reached Pettys, and yes the coffee, cakes, surroundings, company, and high level conversation was intensely rewarding. More expensive than our regular habitat at Heidelberg, and no greasy stale donuts, but guess what? The lady brought out a selection of sliced apples for us to try, and they were more tasty than the donuts.
Then back home, to Eltham and Diamond Creek and Kangarou Ground. Lawns to mow, paths to sweep, gutters to clean, stories to write, wives to have lunch with, housework to do, ie the multitude of things we blokes have to do after we sadly transform from boys on bikes to blokes at home.
Welcome to Lou D on his first ride with the group, on a nice looking nearly new Giant bike.


  1. Sorry I missed the ride – sounds like you had a good day – must do it again sometime & introduce me to Petty’s Cafe, we could certainly do without the donuts (but not entirely!) 🙂 🙂


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