Fifth Annual Warburton Rail Trail Ride

Warburton Trail
Nineteen degrees and showers, that was the forecast and seven optimistic OMNICYLE Blokes set out in three cars for the starting line at Mt Evelyn. Bill and I were the last to get there only to learn Bruce would not be along for the ride. Over coffee at the Sourdough Café we learned that Bruce and Geraldine’s dog Freya, had had an early morning epileptic fit. In an attempt to calm her so that she wouldn’t come to any harm, both Bruce and Geraldine sustained injuries requiring medical assistance. So off we set – us Mountain (or Mounted) Men pedaling into the Mount Evelyn ‘Mist’! Simply cruising down the first 7/8 klm’s, we soon came onto the gently rolling trail which makes up most of the ride. Two first timers on this annual ride, Lou D and Rob J were enjoying the change from our usual routes and – the scintillating conversation!
It didn’t seem to take all that long before we arrived at Launching Place to be greeted by Nick G.
Well on the way to recovery from an illness, it was so good to see the determination shown by Nick to complete at least part of the ride. Well done Nick! By this time the ‘Mist’ had lifted and we cruised on in to the beautiful town of Warburton. It has become ritual for us to have lunch at the bakery by the river. Once again, the fare did not disappoint. The bakery was well patronized and a large group of riders and day trippers were there to savour the offerings. After a short rest and a walk along the main street through the shopping centre we set off for the return journey. We all travelled rather well and were quite prepared for the last 7/8 K’s which finished off the trip. Arriving back at the sourdough, all agreed it was a great day, a nice change from the usual, and that we should pencil it in again for April 2014.
Riding today were – Bill B, Brian A, Rob J, Leon H, Lindsay C, Lou D, Ken R and Nick G.
Footnote: Freya, Geraldine and Bruce are doing Fine….KR

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