5 thoughts on ““Konnichiwa” – from Japan

  1. You’re obviously doing it tough Tom and Heather! Diamond Creek is experiencing some lovely Autumn weather at the moment and Tuesday’s meeting was just as you would expect Tom.
    Really good. Numbers down a little with some of the Blokes – like you – off travelling! Sir Kelvin off sick. Hope he picks up soon………..Ken R


  2. Hi Tom and Heather from Barry & Denise in Walpole, WA, home of the “giant trees”. Great pics, keep on enjoying and stay safe and healthy
    Kind regards from BasOMNI


  3. Hi Tom and Heather. great to see you are enjoying your trip, what season is it there so much blossom about, keep enjoying. We struggled without you Tom at OMNI when Graham and i got there the room was empty not like when you are there and the council had fenced off the parking area and are putting in kerb and channel etc looked like the start of D/C refugee camp, keep smiling and hugging.


  4. Hi there Tom and Heather,
    What a beautiful place that you both are experiencing. The memories will last you a life time so soak up every situation you encounter. Love to see a few more photos as your journey continues.
    Regarding Daryls comment above …why he didn’t find anybody at the OMNI meeting is because we deliberately gave him the wrong day to come along. LOL
    Best wishes to you both


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