OM:NI CYCLISTS 15 May 2014

What a day for a ride. 22 degrees, sun shining, so lets’ go.
Only a peleton of 6, Bruce, Lou, Brian, Brent, Bill, Rob. Ken was away on Cota business, Leon on hols in America(and sending fine photos back) Lindsay away, and Barry was there in spirit, sending encouraging emails. Nick off sick recovering from a growth being taken from his leg, but we arranged to meet him for coffee.
The health conscious seemed to favour apples crumbles and pies at Petty’s Orchard. Beats me how a huge helping of these items could be considered healthy, maybe they cause a healthy mind! Was a great ride up the trail, (led by Bruce in an extremely competent manner, with only a couple of dead ends) then time to check out the new trail from Tindals Rd to Eastlink, had fun riding alongside the bridge still to be completed, but this section is just about completed, only some bitumen to lay, and Brian’s son has promised to sort this out. This section will allow us to continue on to the Eastlink trail, and we could do a big circuit going back to Heidelberg and joining the Yarra Trail and back to Eltham/Diamond Creek.
A rough offroad ride down Springvale Rd and back onto the Warrandyte trail, then a spring to Petty’s for coffee and cake. Yum, yum. Good coffee and better cake. Also good company because Nick did appear, having coming in via road. Good deep and meaningful conversation also, we reckoned if there was an OM:NI party, the country would be in great shape. Back home to Eltham and Diamond Creek, and a fun ride.

4 thoughts on “OM:NI CYCLISTS 15 May 2014

  1. Nice comments Bruce, I enjoyed the day as well, good friendships & interesting conversation. Look forward to doing it all again next week. Cheers Lou



  2. Quite envious. Still, had another interesting day in Town at the COTA Volunteers luncheon.
    Ian J was there and still talking about becoming an ‘Honarary’ member of OM:NI – Mens Discussion Groups, Diamond Creek……………kr


  3. Enjoyed the coffee and conversation Bruce – unfortunately I could only think what I missed about the ride – saw the Prof today & it looks like that I’m going to have to keep thinking for another five weeks 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦


  4. Great resume Bruce, of another ride I missed, but not in spirit. the concept of a loop trail always appeals, even though out and back are OK with a great bunch of new friends. I will return to the peleton early June at this stage…….cheers from BasOMNI


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