100 Posts!

OMNIlogoIt just ocurred to me as I was checking our statistics for this blog that in two days time the site will have been up and running for one year since the first post on 17th July 2013, and…….
……this will be our 100th post!

As the administrator of this OM:NI Diamond Creek blokes blog I would like to thank all those that have contributed the stories, photographs and articles of interest over the past year. For most of us it has been a new experience and a learning process in the use of this type of media – so let us continue to develope it and look forward to sharing more of our interesting times.

My thanks also goes to the followers of this blog and sincerely hope that you have enjoyed some, if not all, of it’s content and continue to support us and our aim of being …….

…….”Older Men with New Ideas”

NG – Admin

4 thoughts on “100 Posts!

  1. Well done Nick – amazing stats revealed at this morning’s OMNI Meeting. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and contributing to the blog, and will continue to do so.


  2. Congratulations OM:NI Diamond Creek! An interesting OM:NI year made so much better with the blog. We’re showing the way, slowly but surely…….kr


  3. Congratulations on the success of the OM:NI Diamond Creek blog, Nick. As can be seen from the variety of contributions on the blog, the blokes now really ‘own’ it and I have heard a lot of positive comments about it.


  4. Time flies, as evidenced by the blog history and stats. Continuing congratulations to all DC bloggers and followers. And it only takes a “like” or short comment to inspire continuing contributions.


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