Classic Renaissance.

IMG_1060 (800x533)
The Villa Lante…..

…is situated about 8km and a short bus ride east of Viterbo in a delightful little town of Bagnaia. The villa only became known as the “Villa Lante” in the 17th century after coming into the possession of the Duke of Bomarzo.
The garden was first commissioned in 1566 by the Cardinal Gionfresonco Gambera and displays a double villa with the classic Italian geometric layout. Above are three terraces which feature fountains, cascades and sculptures which amaze and delight in a visual and harmonious choreography of water.

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2 thoughts on “Classic Renaissance.

  1. Nice pictures NIck and a beautiful garden. We watched all the Monty Don series and those Italian gardens are great. With the riding, it’s been very quiet, with a few of the guys away in sunny climes, rather than hilly climbs, we have just generally been going to Heidelberg. Today we went towards Bourke Rd and went to the Ivanhoe golf course for coffee. So nothing untoward or exciting to report on. Cheers Bruce


  2. Great expose again Nick. Reminds us of Versailles in a way, with magnificent gardens and setting. It just proves that wherever you go you have to leave something for the next trip.
    Cheers from BasOMNI & Denise


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