A Poem ….. OM:NI



I have heard it said, in dark and cold places
You can’t trust the look on unhappy faces.
If you can’t trust what others will do
Sort a few out, then enlist a few new.

There are people to trust and others not so,
In just such a case make sure that they go.
You need to be sure that the group will survive
And be happy, as always, when they get home to their wives.

Some groups are prone to get off the street
And find a nice place where they’re happy to meet.
Company beats lonely, any time of the day
And a smile on your dial makes us all……Ok.

A nice little group of twenty , or so,
Is the right size to handle and go with the flow.
Join such a group and then you will see
You won’t find better than your local OM:NI.


∗∗ Composed by, and property of:-
Les Robertson, OM:NI Diamond Creek, Nov 2014

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