Mad Hatters Xmas Party

Group picThe laughter meter was redlined at this years Xmas party. Even laughed at Kel’s jokes.

Any takers on his fridge and lawn mower?

As usual we celebrated the Sir Kel awards and the lucky recipient this year was poet laureate Les, now Sir Les. He did look a bit stunned when his name was called out.

Some good organisation and behind the scenes work by Happy as Larry made the event quite a success.

BBQ followed with a fantastic Xmas cake made by Nick and Barry’s shortbread biscuits were pretty good as well.

Best wishes to all.

5 thoughts on “Mad Hatters Xmas Party

  1. As I said at the meeting ‘we sure are a motley looking crew of whatsits!’ – and wasn’t it great to be so?
    By the way there are two definitions of “MOTLEY” –
    1. Varigated in colour
    2. Composed of diverse, often incongruous, elements
    ….. take yoiur pick!
    Hilarious meeting and great photos Alan

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  2. Thanks for the post Alan – great pics. Another successful ‘Sir Kelvin Award’, congratulations Sir Les! And an honourable mention to Leaping Larry! (Happy As) for putting it all together. Good to see our friend and mentor Anna Maio is following the blog and watching over us. Thanks Anna…….kr

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