Thursday on the Velodrome!

merri3 A frosty start that turned in to a beautiful sunny winter morning for a small peloton of four Omnicycles, Bruce, Lou, Ken & Nick who caught the 8.25am train from Dimo, destination Clifton Hill. On disembarkation they headed back up Heidelberg road to join the Merri Creek trail from the Hall Reserve. The boys were in no mood to hurry and set a leisurely pace on this glorious morning making the plan was to head up to Broadhurst Avenue, cut across to the Darebin Creek trail returning to catch the train at Aphington, with a promise from past experiences not to lose the trail!. First stop was for coffee at the CERES Community Environmental Park at the cafe by the organic shop – good coffee (and probably organic too!). Turned out to be quite a fascinating area with an eclectic assortment of architectures and activities – plenty of bike parts on hand (just in case your machine was in dire need!) – certainly worth another visit. Riding on past the unique and picturesque Russian Orthodox church with its shining golden onion domes the boys came upon the Harrison Street Velodrome. Having passed it on previous occasions and, ticking it as a ‘bucket list’ item, they though it time to test their speed cycling prowess. So, having in mind the currently running ‘Tour de France’, it was over the fence, heads down, up the wall and round the track a few revolutions! Lots of fun and all were winners! (we think).          Talk about “Boys on Bikes!” The ride progressed with lots of stops, discovery of some dodgy spokes, many stories, an overlooked sign post (no, no one got lost!), local wildlife and lovely wattle trees proudly showing off their yellow winter blossoms. A memorable ride.

6 thoughts on “Thursday on the Velodrome!

  1. ………thanks Nick, a pleasant relaxed ride along the Merri Creek and back. We’re so well provided for with our trails – and so convenient…….kr


    • Hi Alan – feel free to join the Omnicycle group ride on any Thursday if you are free – btw, the bird is a Red Browed Firetail finch.
      Cheers – Nick


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