……OM:NItravels on ‘The Birdsville’

BtoBBedourie to Birdsville

IMG_0171The finishing straight at Bedourie racecourse – noted for it’s annual horse and camel races.

IMG_0169A lookout over the treeless plains between Bedourie and Birdsville.

IMG_0172One of the good sections on the Birdsville Track.

… posted on behalf of Basomni and Denise – who are still out there somewhere..


3 thoughts on “……OM:NItravels on ‘The Birdsville’

  1. Hi Barry & Denise,
    Brings back memories of our trip up the Birdsville track. The lookout to nowhere and Bedourie where there was a race meeting on the day we were there. Looks like the weather is being kind although I am sure it is hot. Take care and stay safe.
    Tom & Heather

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