Two Great OM:NI Blokes –

indexIMG_0904 Five years ago these two blokes, Daryl and Jay (thats Jay on the left & Daryl on the right!), joined the OM:NI Diamond Creek group when it was formed in 2011. Now, this year, is the 5th anniversary of Omnidiamondcreek but, more importantly these two blokes share the same birthday in the same year and both celebrate their 75th today!

Congratulations D & J from all the DC group – you’re a couple of OM:NI legends!

Below – celebrating with some mates at the post meeting BBQ today.

5 thoughts on “Two Great OM:NI Blokes –

  1. Hey Daryl,congratulations on reaching the ripe young age of 75,you don’t look a day over 74!!! LOL. I hope you had a very happy day and may you have many more and that the cake didn’t burn with all those candles,also keep the tomatoes coming. 🙂
    *mmmmm,I don’t mind burnt cake.


  2. Congratulations & best wishes to two of OMNI DC’s finest. Haven’t been able to snare a tomato yet, but the beans and zucchini were superb.


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