Jacko’s Journey update …. Burketown to Atherton Tablelands..

The brand new wharf and pontoon at Burketown on the Albert River….said to be the best barra fishing in Australia.

Burke and wills last camp before their final, failed assault to reach the Gulf…beaten by the wet season and their lack of bush skills. We had a few tears at the campsite .3
Morning coffee on the way to Normanton from Burketown4
Termite mounds next to our morning coffee stop.5
Replica of Kris the 8.63m croc shot near Normanton when it was legal……the largest salty ever recorded.6
The Gulflander train that stills run to and from Croydon for tourists.7
Sunset on the beach opposite the CP at Karumba.8
Part of the remaining fishing prawning fleet still operating from Karumba.9
Our campsite at Karumba.10
Cobbald Gorge – some of the grateful girls with our tour guide Ron…..an amazing 3 hour tour……followed by dinner on the restaurant deck with a couple we met on the tour…..from Montrose.11
Infinity pool, pool bar, dining patio at Cobbold gorge.12
In the little 10 seater electric boats on a tour exploring this amazing gorge. A must on all bucket lists.

….to be continued…..

We made it to the top end!! Aug 8th 2016

We made it to the top end!!
Aug 8th 2016

…to be continued….

4 thoughts on “Jacko’s Journey update …. Burketown to Atherton Tablelands..

  1. Geez, Barry … looking at that Infinity pool, pool bar and dining patio at Cobbold gorge…. and we thought you were roughing it!!!!! 🙂
    Journey on …. cheers


  2. Hi Bas, You guys are the example of the perfect grey nomads making the absolute best of your retirement and exploring our wonderful country. No doubt the T-Van is pretty much worn out now so I’ll give you $1K for it on your return because I’m such a great guy!!!!!!! Best wishes to you both…Ron 🙂


  3. Love the photos Baz! It’s great to see you covering such an interesting part of our island home. Looking forward to hearing your travel tales when you get back.


  4. Geez Bazz you must be tired, i can take over for 3 months whilst you rest up.
    thanks for the photos and reporting it surely looks great and your camping set up is like Banjo Patterson had, camp fires and tarps, lots of warm sand and blue skys. how are the flies and those peskie sand flies i hope you are giving them a good feed love to see you again but dont hurry back to this cold climate 2-13 deg. Sir Daryl


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