9 thoughts on “A Snapshot of Phnom Penh

  1. Not sure just what I expected Nick but, these are lovely pics. Except for one which I hope is not what I think. Talk today by NEMICS was v/good. 23 Blokes present ably facilitated by Tim…..ken r


    • Sorry Ken – the photo is exactly what you think!
      They don’t pull any punches here with the ‘Killing Fields’ information – blame Pol Pot – and I wonder if the world has yet learned anything from it.


  2. Excellent photos Nick,except the one with the bike….I know a bloke at OM:NI that fixes and restores bikes if you would like his number.:-)


  3. What a lovely place. It’s almost unimaginable that those horrors could have occurred there. But, listening to today’s news about the killing of civilians, including women and children, in Aleppo in Syria, I agree with Nick that mankind doesn’t seem to learn much about how to treat each other with peace and with mutual tolerance and respect.


    • I agree Tim. The words from the song ‘The Green Fields of France’ seems to tell me how futile the continuing wars around the world are. ken r


      • …the Killing Fields and the Genocide Museum of Phnom Penh are a confronting experience of the horrors that mankind can actually perpetrate on his own … something that we did not originally plan to do but decided in the end that the world needs to see it.
        As with many of the visitors we were openly moved to tears … and hope for the future. N&L


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