The Dog On The Tucker Box

The Dog On The Tucker Box.                   (As told by the dog)


I’ve been sitting on this box for years and years

Now I’m finally realizing my worst fears

My master’s gone away, he ain’t coming back

Looks like the bastard’s given me the sack

I’ve been guarding his tucker for such a long time

By now the steak is surely past its prime


The big buses come along every single day

A bloke stands up and has his say

Gundagai, clear blue sky, a sheila named Mabel

To me this sounds like a silly old fable

The tourists throw coins in the box at my feet

Why don’t they know I much prefer meat?


So I forlornly sit in the hot summer sun

Itching fur, drying throat, not having much fun

The cold winter nights raise my ire

I should be inside in front of the fire

Contentedly curled at my master’s feet

Now that would indeed be a canine treat


Drovers stop by with kelpies who scorn

Their withering looks make me forlorn

You should be out earning your keep

Come and help us round up some sheep

Sorry boys, I can’t go for a run

There’s a bloody great bolt screwed up my bum


5 thoughts on “The Dog On The Tucker Box

  1. Just finished reading Patsy Adams Smith’s book ‘The Shearers” A really good read about the shearers who travelled the country offering their services to the squatters. Patsy does mention this dog in Gundagai. She claims the dog wasn’t actually sitting on the tucker box but,rather –
    OK, you know where I’m going Bruce!


    • Ken – in the 1970’s we used to go and see the ‘Bushwackers’ bush band in an old pub on Brunswick St. Fitzroy (before they became well known) – and as I remember, their version of “Bullocky Bill” ended up with the dog not actually ‘sitting’ on the box.


  2. Totally correct guys, we all know what the dog probably did, but in the interests of my “decent” writing group, decided to keep it clean, so to speak!


  3. We stopped for a feed and a photo on this trip. Brings back the memories of the old Hume Hwy in the 70’s when we lived in Sydney and returned to Melbourne often. It was just an image then but now we know and appreciate the story behind the “dog” and have the time to reflect on a bygone era.


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