Leslie James Robertson (KOM:NI) – Vale

In memory of Leslie (Sir Les) Robertson who passed away peacefully on August 9, 2017 in his 88th year following a short illness. A man who contributed greatly to the Diamond Creek OM:NI group with his humour and poetry.

You’ll be missed Les.

The following poem was the first he ever presented to the group in October 2013.



I ran around the kitchen, with a duster in my hand,
The family was coming and I wanted it looking grand.
You could see the footprints clearly, making patterns in the dust,
So, to keep them off my back – cleanliness was a must.

Since I’d been living here alone they sometimes check on me,
They’re doing me a favour, that much I could see.
Since my wife left for better care, that somehow, now she needed,
I also had outside to mind – and keep the garden weeded.

Often, I get lonely here, just me to make a noise,
The dog will sometimes bark a bit but I’ve not lost my poise.
The grass grows long and really thick, I have to use the mower,
Up and down and back and forth – I sometimes think I’m slower.

But I know lots of people who are not as well as me,
“Cos I can jog around the block, with the dog for company.
Now, I’m not as fit as I once was and I have to walk a bit,
And when that’s the best that I can do – I’ll make the best of it.

I’d like to have a woman here, to keep me on my toes.
Not too young and not too old, just middle-aged I s’pose.
perhaps I could just borrow one, if her love life isn’t finished,
She could show me all the tricks – till my love life’s diminished.

Then when I wake up and realize that I was only dreaming,
I wonder why my slow old brain hasn’t finished scheming.
If I’m alive at 105 and find I’m making plans,
I’ll have had a great life, not ever in strife ……
…………as good as any man’s.

5 thoughts on “Leslie James Robertson (KOM:NI) – Vale

  1. A quirky gentleman and poet, Sir Les was another who enriched our group and will be remembered for his contribution to our collective knowledge and enjoyment

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  2. I had known Les from way back when he was working at McGorlick’s Real Estate Agency. Stopping on my way home to collect milk and bread, Les was sometimes standing by the kerb outside his office chatting to anyone who dared stop and half looked like being up for conversation. Les came to the launch at Eltham and I was not disappointed. Yep, he was up for a chat but, said that he didn’t think OM:NI was for him. It was probably about a year later when he bumped in to Daryl (another Real Estate Tragic!) who convinced him to come along to try OM:NI. He wasn’t a Bloke looking for company, a member of the D/Ck Bowls club, he said at one time that OM:NI was different. Can’t argue with that Les. Deeply regret you didn’t reach your goal of 106 years Les.

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  3. Great attendance at your memorial today showing people had great respect for you Sir Les, you will be constantly missed but you may rest in happiness now back with Norma.
    OM:NI-Diamond Creek will miss your humour and poetry your old workmate Daryl


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