Beneath My Feet – By Daryl Morrow

Walking past a small spiky bush on the way into the veggie garden I felt a sharp sting, I hadn’t noticed this plant before it appeared overnight, strange feeling was overcoming me the plant in my eyes suddenly became very large, like a mature Gum Tree . I was becoming scared every thing was large, overpowering like being in the amazon rain forest, it was then it became apparent that I had shrunk down as small as and even smaller than the inhabitants of most home gardens. As I ventured timidly further amongst the vegetables I was confronted by a monster grub on a cabbage leaf.

I quickly scurried under the leaf out of sight. Shaking I ventured further into the garden when I heard a very loud croaking noise by a large expanse of water and standing higher than me I saw a monster frog dancing and croaking, enjoying the sunshine.

Dashing further into the foliage I was confronted by an armoured beetle on the war path. He headed straight for me, smashing through the forest with little effort, I thought this was my end – things flashed before my eyes.

Then I heard a thunderous crashing of some dry limbs. Glancing behind I saw a coloured dragon lunge forward and save me by eating the attacking king beetle. A giant Slater was dashing by in a great hurry pretty much camouflaged watched by a very patient Spider. But alas he will go hungry I assume as the Slater slid under cover. Some onlookers watched silently from their escape routes expecting to witness the demise of some other competition in the plant eating chain.

I couldn’t believe the horrors that exist in the garden where survival of the fittest and most aggressive still rule today
Even the field rats have learnt to fly as they offered me a free ride out of danger, but I declined as l am scared of heights and flying owls. As the rat took to the sky he frightened the grasshopper who had eaten too much and found getting out of the way and airborne much to his dislike and he said it is all your fault planting those climbing beans which have blocked our flight path, to home.

The flowering Wattles were trying to avoid the yellow Grubs from destroying their yellow blossom before fertilisation, they had grown spiky thorns but some how the grubs had developed a way of avoiding those spikes.

Some unnamed residents tried to hide fearing my intrusion into their world.
This one was trying to wrap its legs around me then devour my body for its next meal and protect its babies.

But I was rescued by this Soldier Ant just in time, he suggested I get back into my own world and to inform our species to be more considerate when working in the their world.
The Blue Tongue also issued a stern warning as it protected its strawberry patch.
He was backed up by by some other quiet inhabitants.

Suddenly I started to resume my full size again, but was left with a new awareness and respect of the homes and food of the world beneath our feet.

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