Getting Older – By Daryl Morrow


Bruno had been looked after by his wife for 57 years, when he got home each day she would have his small whisky and coke and a couple of dry biscuits ready whilst  she put the finishing touches to their evening meal. Bruno would tell his mates how he never had to prepare a meal through out his married life, indeed prior to that his mother did exactly the same for him right up till he married Beryl.

Bruno was devastated when Beryl became to ill to look after him in fact he lost a lot of weight over the pursuing months, weet bix and milk diet will do that even to muscle men.

Neighbours helped out for short time with cooked meals and visiting but as time rolled by this diminished and he had to try and fend for himself.

He closed up most of the house only occupying a bed room the kitchen meals area and bathroom, he did not feel so lonely in a smaller area. He stopped gardening so much now, no need for so-many vegetables.

Be careful as you age and are on your own.

As older people do they become addicted to completing JIG SAW puzzles, the bigger the better and Bruno had found a monster he laid it out on the kitchen table ready to make a start a couple of hours before TEA he had bought Rhubarb and some pears his mothers favourite meal, after preparing the meal he placed it all into a pot and set the electric stove on medium heat, he then sat down to the jig saw challenge, some hours passed bye and as older people do he fell asleep waking up at 3 o’ clock coughing and spluttering, jumping up quickly spilling the nearly completed puzzle across the floor, it was dark and the smoke detector was still screaming, Bruno gasping made it outside to some welcome fresh air, he then made a quick dash over to the stove the saucepan was glowing red hot he ran outside knowing not what to do with the pot full of red hot charcoal with smoke heading sky ward he then ran across the lawn to the street and luckily it was bin night so he tossed the glowing smocking pot into the nearest bin back to the kitchen turned on the fan to clear the smoke, by 5am he was able to settle down for a well earned rest.

The Garbo next morning refused to empty the bin as it was now a melted plastic mess

The neighbour was yelling out if I catch the so and so kids that have ruined my bin I will ring their scrawny necks.

Author, Daryl Morrow

October 2022

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