“is to empower older men to take greater control of their lives, and to enhance their health, wellbeing and lifestyle in retirement’.

OM:NI Blokes are a minimum age of 50 years about to retire or retired, and we chat about ordinary day to day things and entertain each other while sharing our individual outlook on life.

OM:NI is about…..
* men meeting in the company of other men, making friends and belonging.
* a place where men listen to each other, sharing joys, sorrows, hopes and achievements.
* a place where it is safe to speak your mind in a non-judgemental and confidential environment.
* a place where men can build their self-esteem and are respected by their peers.

OM:NI is not…..
* party political or religion based.

OM:NI can……
become a gateway through which older men may achieve fulfillment in their “third age” in company with like minded peers.

Groups in the Diamond Valley………
* Greensborough
* Banyule
* Diamond Creek
* Eltham
* Hurstbridge

OM:NI Mens Discussion Groups are programs of COTA Victoria and the current contacts for the above groups and other Groups in the metropolitan area can be found at http://www.cotavic.org.au or by calling 9654.4443


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The Diamond Creek group was formed in March 2010 following a couple of events which were held to gauge the interest level in the Community. These were conducted by men from the Banyule and Greensborough Groups. A formal launch at the Diamond Creek community centre was held with presentations by guest speakers John Douch from COTA and ex Collingwood players and coaches, Ray and Tony Shaw. The key-note speaker, John Evans, is a counsellor and motivational speaker. John was a key player in setting up Men’s Line – a spinoff from Life Line. With a great interest being shown from many local men the group began fortnightly meetings at Creeks Cafe – which is now Degani Café – later transferring to the DC Netball Club rooms.

Our Diamond Creek group is made up of men from their early 50’s to our oldest who is 89 years old. A few work for themselves or part time but most are retired and come from all walks of life and have varied interests besides the discussion group which they share with the group. Some are members of Probus, a section are interested in creative writing and belong to writing groups, there are some keen cyclists ( the OMNICYCLE) who ride together regularly for exercise & fun, others like gardening, photography and vintage cars. Whatever our interests we all look forward to getting together for talk and a good laugh.

We also have a close association with the Eltham & Hurstbridge Groups, which were formed in 2012 and 2016 respectively, and often share information and social occasions – some of the men actually attend all groups.

We now have a permanent meeting room at the Diamond Creek Netball club in Diamond Street, Diamond Creek and the meetings are held every first and third Tuesday of the month. When a fifth Tuesday occurs in the month then some other activity is generally organised, often in conjunction with Eltham & Hurstbridge OM:NI, and can be of the order of an organised outing, a lunch or BBQ or a special presentation by a guest speaker. There is no formal structure or hierarchy in the organisation. Meetings are conducted by a facilitator assisted by a note taker, the responsibilities of which are rotated each meeting, and all decisions are made on a mutual and collective basis.


Meetings start at 9.15am for 9.30am and conclude at approximately 12.00pm with attendances of around 10 – 18 men. Although there are no formal rules the format of the meetings are generally conducted as follows:-

  • A welcome by the facilitator and for the first hour each man is invited to talk about his last fortnights activities. The man can also utilise this time to talk over any personal issues he may be experiencing, in a non-judgmental atmosphere of shared understanding, confidentiality and support.
  • Before a 15 minute morning tea break general housekeeping is dealt with and items such as rotating the facilitator and note taker, scheduled meetings and future events etc can be discussed.
  • After morning tea the last hour is taken up with a pre-arranged discussion topic which can cover many and varied subjects. Occasionally, instead of the discussion, one of the group will give a talk on his life, personal experiences or specific interests.
  • At the end of the meeting the group briefly makes comment on how they enjoyed the meeting and those that don’t have further commitments will adjourn to the outside BBQ shelter for lunch and more friendly talk.

We believe that there is always room for new membership and any man wishing to drop by and sit in on a meeting to see what we are all about will always be warmly welcomed.