omnicycleThursday 30th January 2014. Weather – Blue skies light cloud cover, cool start warming to pleasant.

Is this a record? (no, not the black thing with a hole in the middle)
A huge Peloton with nine blokes set off from Diamond Creek and all points south and headed toward Heidelberg and the donut shop. Nick’s 90% rule came into force around the boat shed at Westerfolds Park.
The rule goes something like this. “If any member of the peloton is to have a puncture, on 90% of occasions, it will be the rider furthermost from the leader of the Group”.
This means of course, that most of the Group doesn’t even miss the afflicted! Sorry Baz. We wish we could have been there to whisper – ‘better him than me’. Ken P branched off along the way to fulfill another appointment meaning that a depleted seven got to fight over the donuts. (Which were in short supply) So Baz, it was a little difficult to maintain the conversation without you but, we battled manfully on and managed to solve most of the worlds problems. It was generally agreed that the answer is No 49. And no correspondence will be entered into! We are so blessed to have this trail available to us and to have the company of like minded men to share it with. Thanks to you Rob for joining us over the past little while. Enjoy your U3A writing Group and you are most welcome to join us whenever you can.
Forewarning—–Warburton Rail Trail. Pencil this in for Thursday 1st May.
Keep on Pedalling!………

OMNICYCLE First Ride for 2014

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much pre-ride correspondence-ever! All worthwhile and even better was Baz’ suggestion for a 7.30am start from Marngrook Oval. Bill, Baz, Nick and Ken set off to meet up with Ken P, Leon, Linz and Bruce at the tennis courts in Youth Road Eltham. After considerable discussion, RMIT Café at Fairfield was settled as the destination. A puncture saw Leon and Linz readjust their schedule and they settled for Heidelberg after affecting repairs. The remaining Peloton arrived at the Café to discover it closed – re-opening the following Monday so we rode on. The Abbottsford Convent is always a pleasant stop and the coffee was served with grace by a delightful team of young women! Some of the mysteries and quirks of the Group were revealed to Ken P who, in the end, didn’t seem to be all that wiser! Patience Ken, you will find out eventually, that after all, we are just a lot of ‘Boys on Bikes’!
Baz, Ken P, Bruce and Bill voted to return along the trail and Nick and Ken continued on in to the City and Southbank. Melbourne was showing herself off in all of her summertime beauty. We surely are blessed to have access to such magnificent facilities – and good friends to share it with. After lunch, we proceeded along southbank and crossed the river at Queensbridge and rode back along the river and through the parklands at the MCG to catch the train back home at Jolimont. This could be a jumping off point for future bay rides. We could avoid stairs, escalators and other potential impediments that some don’t seem to cope with all that well!
Another pleasant diversion. All up, a great start to 2014.
Keep peadalling!……


The preparation for the great ride wasn’t all that ideal as Ken went down with a very bad cold during the weeks prior. However, with the support of Nick Grange and Bill Brown – two of his ‘OMNICYCLE’ Mates, he got to the start line at Marngrook Oval in Diamond Creek for the 7.00am start.
What a pleasant surprise he had to see Mo Bro Norm Wearne there to give the three of them a cheery farewell and to mutter something like better you than me!
The showers started soon after they got away and persisted for an hour or so, making the trail in parts quite messy which tended to interfere with their gears. A coffee break at the NMIT Cafe at Fairfield was welcome and then it was the last leg to Federation Square right in the centre of Marvellous Melbourne.
Finding their way past the boat sheds at Alexander Avenue they arrived at their destination – the BBQ – around 11.45am and waited for a short while for Lindsay Clarke who shared the BBQ and rode back home with them.
Back home to Diamond Creek about 3.45 pm and 100 km they were quite tired yet satisfied they had completed their objective. Thanks to your generosity, and the support of the OMNICYCLE Group, Ken and Norm have raised over $1,395.00 for the Movember Project. This money is an important part of the funding for research into prostate cancer.
This month of Movember perhaps more importantly, helps to raise awareness amongst men and hopefully encourages them to have a check up. As in many health issues, early detection is all important.
Again, our grateful thanks for your support.
Ken Ramplin, Norm Wearne and the OMNICYCLE Group

Start of Ken's 100km Pedal for Prostate with Bill & Nick - 24th Nov 2013

Start of Ken’s 100km Pedal for Prostate with Bill & Nick – 24th Nov 2013


Bay Ride 7th November 2013

Thanks to Nick, the Peloton set off by train to the City to tackle the Mordialloc run again.

We took the scenic route from Flinders Street to Port Melbourne thanks to Bill’s impeccable navigational skills! As well as the Tassie Ferry, a large cruise ship was berthed. A huge ship, I couldn’t help but think of the sheep transporters. I’m sure the guests on board don’t think that way. Once on the track, a pleasant and uneventful journey to Mordialloc. I did notice that extensive line marking has been undertaken at the spot where Bill met his waterloo last ride.

Disappointingly, the kiosk at Mordi had limited fare on offer – new owners having just taken over.

Plan ‘B’ and we presented at the fish and chip shop we visited last time to be greeted enthusiastically by the owner who assured us she did indeed , remember us. How could she forget such a handsome bunch of manhood? A bit breezy at the rotunda overlooking the bay and we saw no sign of Bruce paddling over the waves. We can only assume he was in fact, overseeing the fencing contractors. Taking advantage of the wind change, a brisk ride back to town with a brief stop for coffee at Elwood. Following the light rail linear park  was a pleasant way to end the ride. All five, Lindz,Nick, Bill, Leon and Ken agreed that the Bay Ride is a pleasant change from our regular Thursday outing. No short, sharp hills and with the added bonus of the fresh sea air and stinking seaweed. Those who started and finished at Diamo covered 75k’s – Eltham a little less. A very enjoyable day and personally, great to be back in the saddle.

We could have a new starter this Thursday, Ken Paynter who we have met before and who we caught up with at the Eltham Town Fair last Sunday. Ken is a member of Eltham Rotary…




The weather was kind and Barry and Ken set off from Marngrook Oval in Diamond Creek at 8.00am. Making good time, we arrived at the meeting place in Eltham to be greeted by Bruce, Brian and Leon. After the usual preliminaries, we set off for Heidelberg. Lindsay was there to set up camp for us after leaving his car for service at Makin and Luby. The problems of the world were discussed and as usual, resolved. The peloton then split – Brian and Leon headed back to Eltham, Lindsay to pick up his car and Barry and Ken pushed on with Bruce to Fairfield. Bruce headed off for Grandpa duties at Northcote with Barry and Ken opting for the lights of the City. Barry hadn’t done this section before and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. After a memorable lunch at Southbank – pie & sauce, we ambled along the Southbank Promenade to catch the train back to Eltham. A mixed ride with everyone fulfilling their objectives.Good to know that notwithstanding various side issues, the Thursday ride is still an important item on the individual list of things to achieve in the lives of the implacable OMNICYLISTS.