Two Great OM:NI Blokes –

indexIMG_0904 Five years ago these two blokes, Daryl and Jay (thats Jay on the left & Daryl on the right!), joined the OM:NI Diamond Creek group when it was formed in 2011. Now, this year, is the 5th anniversary of Omnidiamondcreek but, more importantly these two blokes share the same birthday in the same year and both celebrate their 75th today!

Congratulations D & J from all the DC group – you’re a couple of OM:NI legends!

Below – celebrating with some mates at the post meeting BBQ today.

Movember 2015

HappytashYes, folks, it’s that time of year again when men let that hairy stuff flourish on their top lip through the month of Movember in order to raise money for all important prostate cancer research, and men’s health.

7.00am,Sunday 23rd Movember 2014 - kilometer zero.

7.00am,Sunday 23rd Movember 2014 – kilometer zero.

Last year Ken.R and his mate Norm.W raised $1500.00 along with a little help from the Omnicycle riding group. It looks like this year will be no exception as the “Boys-on-Bikes” will again take to the saddle(s) to support and assist Ken and Norm in their goal to better last years contribution by completing another 100km ride from Diamond Creek to the City and back.
Movember sponsor form 2015The ride takes place on Friday 27th November – leaving from Marngrook Oval, Diamond Creek, at 8.00am – expecting to return by 5.00pm (or earlier) – so let’s give all the encouragement possible. Any kind contribution would be welcome by copying & filling in the above form and forwarding to Ken.R or you may make a donation ‘On Line’ by going to:-
1. Click – DONATE
2. Type in – Ken Ramplin
3. Fill in your donation

Read about last year’s ride here:-

Trains, Bridges, Immigration…A Day In The City.

IMG_1343 - Copy It was 9.15am at Diamond Creek station, on Tuesday 30th June, and seven blokes from  Diamond Creek – OM:NI boarded the Metro train and headed for the City. A further nine OM:NI men from the Diamond Creek, Eltham, Banyule, Hurstbridge and Greensborough groups joined the train at various stages on the route, though a small group, being platform and time-table challenged, had to play catchup. At the Southern Cross Station, where only two guys managed to get lost for a while, it was a short walk on a crisp and clear Melbourne morning, down to the Crowne Plaza coffee shop where they were met by the Manager Mr Daniel Boswell who gave a brief and interesting talk about the building’s history and kindly provided a welcome coffee. crowne plaza ***Interesting fact ‘Since being built, the Crowne Plaza building has moved three and a half centimeters closer to the Yarra river’.

It was then up to the 10th floor where the group were able to take in a panoramic view of Melbourne’s iconic river from Port Philip bay to the Princes Bridge and all of the City’s southern side. An absorbing hour was then spent in observing and discussing the history and construction of the 18 bridges that straddle the Yarra from the Westgate crossing in the west to the MacRobertson bridge in the eastern suburb of Burnley – the span of constructions in years was from the Cremorne Railway Bridge 1860 to the most recently opened Jim Stynes Bridge in 2014.

.….”Bridges are more than just a way of getting from one side of the river to the other, they tell stories of the way Melbourne has developed over the years from its beginnings in 1835. Each bridge tells a story that reflects the history of Melbourne’s physical and spatial development – its  transport systems, its industry and its leisure pursuits. Each one also tells a story about the development of engineering methodology. Being highly visible and serving as a gateway to Melbourne, each bridge was given high status and demanded the most up-to-date technology available at the time. They are therefore icons of civic pride.”

….”The Yarra River has undergone a great deal of change since Batman and Fawkner arrived and found a narrow meandering stream flanked by billabongs and swamps, and prone to frequent flooding. What we see now is the product of a great deal of engineering work to widen, straighten and deepen the river, and to stabilise its banks. Some of the bridges were built as part of this ‘taming’ process.”   (Lesley Alves, ‘Yarra Bridges’, 2011)

On leaving the Crowne Plaza the party made a leisurely walk through Batman Park, past the Melbourne Aquarium to visit the Immigration Museum on Flinders Street. The museum is housed in the old Customs House, the last of three constructions, which was completely refurbished in 1998. Immigration-Museum-Melbourne-IMG Three customs buildings have occupied the current site of the Old Customs House, culminating in the existing grand structure. Archaeological digs have revealed the foundations of the earlier buildings, and a detailed restoration project has returned the Customs House to its former glory.

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Three Customs Houses

A structure described as a ‘shabby, leaky, comfortless, weatherboard cabin’ was shipped in pieces from Sydney and erected here during the 1830s.

As trade increased, a two-storey bluestone Customs House was completed in 1841. Designed by the Government architect in Sydney, it was Melbourne’s first stone building. However, by the 1850s critics called it one of the ‘ugliest and most inconvenient of all our public buildings’.

With the vast increase in revenue brought by the gold rush, the Victorian Government commissioned immigrant architect Peter Kerr to design a new Customs House. Although the building was occupied by Customs in 1858, a shortage of funds prevented its completion. The building was finally completed in 1876, to a modified design by Kerr and two other government architects.

Southbank footbridge & Ponyfish Island

Southbank footbridge & Ponyfish Island

After an absorbing hour, and time for the inspection of only one of the three floors of the museum, the blokes made their way over the Southgate Footbridge to the Southbank food plaza for a relaxing lunch before a return journey on the train after a most enjoyable day.

.….. as a postscript:- the day was well organised and researched, the blokes generally well-ordered and in line, which may have something to do with the organiser and that flag he kept aloft!

….many thanks for the day to Ken Ramplin – and his trusty flag.

Hurstbridge OM:NI Launch

There was a good attendance on Wednesday at the offical launch of the new Hurstbridge group on the 4th March. New friends were made and quite a few potential members signed up.

Nillumbik Councillor Anika van Hulsen officially launched the group with the first meeting to be held on Wednesday 18th March at the Hurstbridge Fall Club in Graysharps road.


Cr. Anika Van Hulsen launches OM:NI Hurstbridge


John and Ken


Trevor and Kevin


Ken and Karen from COTA


Alan, Cr.Anika and Ray


John addressing the group


Tom making a presentation to John


John introducing some old hands


Poet Laureate Sir Les


Cr. Anika with Sir Daryl


Ken and Dion Shirley. manager Bendigo Bank, Hurstbridge


Cr. Van Hulsen with OM:NI blokes


The first Sir Kel enjoying the moment


Francis from Nillumbik at the registration desk


Mad Hatters Xmas Party

Group picThe laughter meter was redlined at this years Xmas party. Even laughed at Kel’s jokes.

Any takers on his fridge and lawn mower?

As usual we celebrated the Sir Kel awards and the lucky recipient this year was poet laureate Les, now Sir Les. He did look a bit stunned when his name was called out.

Some good organisation and behind the scenes work by Happy as Larry made the event quite a success.

BBQ followed with a fantastic Xmas cake made by Nick and Barry’s shortbread biscuits were pretty good as well.

Best wishes to all.

Ken’s ‘Pedal for Prostate’ 2014

7.00am,Sunday 23rd Movember 2014 - kilometer zero.

7.00am,Sunday 23rd Movember 2014 – kilometer zero.

 The weather turned totally around for this year’s challenge as Ken (Rampo), Bill (Mulga), Barry (Baz) and Nick assembled at Marngrook Oval for the start of this 100km ride in support of Ken & Norm’s efforts in raising funds for “Movember – Men’s health” research. It was good to see Norm there again, official start photographer (think you now have the annual job Norm!) and Lyn (Bill’s wife) sending the team off with cheery farewells. The morning proved clear and cool with a promise of warmer conditions later and a gentle Southerly breeze for the return trip – ideal cycling conditions.
7.25am – a stop and a chat at Eltham adding Lindsay and Bruce, picking up John (now an honorary OM:NI bloke) a half kilometer further the peloton were now on their way to be joined by Bernie on the trail at Ivanhoe, making up eight. A leisurely pace was the order of the day travelling along the Eastern Freeway, over the Chandler Highway and stopping for IMG_1050 - Copythe panoramic view of Melbourne at the top of the Yarra Boulevard hill. Here the group was apprehended by the local constabulary who were not only determined to take photographic evidence of the ride but also to offer encouragement and take on the bragging rights for the bigger moustache! – it wasn’t grey either!
After the brush with the law ( or should we say ‘the law with a brush!) came a refreshment stop at the NMIT (now called, we understand, Melbourne Polytechnic) Nursery Cafe for a welcome coffee break, before heading on along the Yarra City trail through Collingwood, Richmond and Burnley, along the north bank arriving at Princes Bridge around 11.30am. From here it was one of those unexpectedly expected “Rampo’s Magical Mystery Tours” which took the boys over to the Hamer Hall balcony on the South Side for a scenic appreciation of this great city of ours – thanks for the experience Ken, and John for the photo.
JB2 - Copy
The next move was up to Alexandra Avenue and well-earned BBQ on the banks of the Yarra …… it was now kilometer 50.03.
Bruce unfortunately had to leave the peloton here to return by train (thanks for the support mate) but the remaining seven started on the trek back at 12.45pm on a clear and sunny afternoon. So, along the South Bank across MacRobertson Bridge onto the Yarra Trail, a pleasant and uneventful section back to the Nursery Cafe for a refreshment stop after which Bernie left six riders to forge on.

Kilometer 100

Kilometer 100

The afternoon was warming up but remained pleasant with a gentle, and at times cooling,following breeze. Somehow the group got split up somewhere around Heidelberg but fortunately regrouped before the finishing post. A record freewheel down the Westerfolds hill was duly achieved (probably just to show off for John – but maybe more so due to hard tyres and a following wind!) – John and Lindz were farewelled at Eltham leaving Ken, Bill, Barry and Nick to (tired but happily) complete the 100km at Marngrook and a welcome committee of Lyn, Lynda and Bonnie (the dog).

A huge thanks boys for your support, your legs, humour and camaraderie,  making it a memorable day in the saddle for the benefit of Mens Health.

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Spring Gathering

On Tuesday, OM:NI blokes gathered at the Diamond Creek Football Clubrooms to hear a very informative talk on Alzheimers. Andrew Italia (1 of 1) Andrew Italia, Senior Facilitator with Alzheimers Australia, gave us a power point presentation on some of the symptoms and preventative measures that can be taken to slow the progression of this disease. We were joined by blokes from Eltham, Greensborough, Balla Balla, Banyule and Beaconsfield. Andrew Italia (1 of 1)-2 Poetry reading (1 of 1)

Our Poet Laureate Les gave us a reading of his touching poem on Alzheimers,commissioned for the occasion.

We were entertained by some of the blokes with some jokes and a quiz.
Tina Elena (1 of 1)






Tina Elmer, Manager of the Diamond Creek branch of Bendigo Community Bank gave us a talk on the very valuable contributions by the Bank to the community. OM:NI is a grateful recipient of the Banks’ generosity. Bendigo, Nillumbik Shire Council and Council On The Ageing combined to enable the OM:NI lapel badge project to become a reality.
Ken and Tina (1 of 1)







Ken presented Tina with a small gift for her continuing support for OM:NI.
Michael and Max (1 of 1)






Michael and Max share the good times.
Tina and Kel (1 of 1)








Perpetual charmer Kel regales Tina with yet another joke.
Barry and Michael (1 of 1)






A BBQ lunch was enjoyed and Michael and Barry were Chefs for the day.
Lapel badge (1 of 1)






Ron displays thenew OM:NI lapel badge which was presented to all blokes in attendance.