Travelling Photos

Lake Conjola

Werri Beach from Mt Pleasant Lookout

Bethungra freecamp

Congo Campground

Congo Sunrise

Girrawee freecamp - washing near home!!!

Happy 65th BasOMNI

Honeymoon Bay freecamp - Jervis Bay

Huskisson relaxing

HYams Beach - whitest sand in the world

Kiama Blowhole performingHi Guys. Just a small selection of pics from our 5 week trip, to tempt your tastebuds! From the top down – Lake Conjola, Werri Beach, Bethungra freecamp near home, Congo campground, Congo sunrise, Girawee freee camp to wash!!!!, BasOmni 65th, Honeymoon Bay, Jervis Bay, Huskisson CP, Hyams Beach – whitest sand in the world, Kyama blowhole working well.

Magnificent Birds

(Ninox Strenua)

The powerful owl is the largest species of owl in Australia and the largest of the “Hawk Owl” group.

Adults can grow up to 65cm ( 26in) and can weigh up to 2.2kg (4.9lb).

These are two young ones that I managed to photograph trying to keep cool in a shady spot down by the Diamond Creek on a very hot 38*C afternoon.


Although juvenile they were about half the size of an adult bird but pretty impressive all the same – the adult being quite an awsome creature to observe.

It would have been good to get a shot of them together but unfortunately they were sitting on different branches.

Powerful Owls are not listed as a threatened species in Australia but in Victoria classed as vulnerable.

In Our Back Garden


These guys were sitting in the wattle tree at the top of our garden.TFM3






Tawny Frogmouths are often mistakenly referred to as owls when in fact they belong to the family of Nightjars.








Surprisingly they were not trying to look like a piece of old tree stump and stayed around most of the afternoon.