Ya Gotta Get In

Progression                                                                    Bruce McCorkill November 2017

Conceived, formed, born

Mystical gateway gently opening

A turmoil of forms, spilling

Onto the carpet, answering the call

Seeking the distant door


The lucky ones run

Fleet of foot, fast and sure

Dancing, bouncing, playing on the pile

Deft scampering from door to door

Positive pleasurable progression


The hopeless hapless try, intend

But get mired in the mud

The carpet can be treacherous

Sticky tentacles reaching up

To suck the unfortunate

Down into the morass

A miserable angry sodden trudge

To a mean shabby sunken exit


The middlings – a great messy mass

Strive to do their best

A confusion of aimless ants

This way, that way, diversions, tangents

Crawling and scrambling, sometimes dancing

Striving to avoid the suction of the bog

A journey to some meaning somewhere


Is there a purpose, any rhyme or reason?

Who cares, all end at the final portal

None can escape, like it or not

The snuff man is nigh, gently beckoning

Patiently waiting, waiting, waiting

So start the race, begin the journey

It’s the only one that counts

Life’s a bitch and don’t we know it

Way too short and way too hard

The bad is bad, but the good is good

You gotta get in to get out

The Problem With the Today Generation…..

Out on the town these old texters stand,
Grasping their Iphones in their long bony hands.
Fixed is their gaze on the Alphas and the Ohs
Won’t they be happy if the message really goes!

Tap go the keypads….. tap, tap, tap….
One asks “How do you work this? I think I need an App!”
Don’t look at me the other says, I’ve just made a blue
And curses at the wretched thing ‘cos it’s…..

“………modern technology which I really don’t understand and haven’t a clue why I’d want to go through all this anguish at mucking around with all this typing and entering stuff when I could just dial a number and talk to someone that I know who would love to hear my voice and understand what I’m trying to say…… that’s if I’m really trying to say anything at all. uuuuugh!”

****Profound apologies to the author of “Click go the Shears” as two verses could almost be sung to the same tune……* Admin

.….In June 2013 it was discovered that a version of the song was first published in 1891 in the regional Victorian newspaper the Bacchus Marsh Express under the title “The Bare Belled Ewe” and the tune given as “Ring the Bell Watchman.” That version was signed “C. C. Eynesbury, Nov. 20, 1891,”[1] Eynesbury being a rural property located in the Bacchus Marsh area.[2] It is possible that “C.C.” was the author of the song.