OMNICYCLE First Ride for 2014

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much pre-ride correspondence-ever! All worthwhile and even better was Baz’ suggestion for a 7.30am start from Marngrook Oval. Bill, Baz, Nick and Ken set off to meet up with Ken P, Leon, Linz and Bruce at the tennis courts in Youth Road Eltham. After considerable discussion, RMIT Café at Fairfield was settled as the destination. A puncture saw Leon and Linz readjust their schedule and they settled for Heidelberg after affecting repairs. The remaining Peloton arrived at the Café to discover it closed – re-opening the following Monday so we rode on. The Abbottsford Convent is always a pleasant stop and the coffee was served with grace by a delightful team of young women! Some of the mysteries and quirks of the Group were revealed to Ken P who, in the end, didn’t seem to be all that wiser! Patience Ken, you will find out eventually, that after all, we are just a lot of ‘Boys on Bikes’!
Baz, Ken P, Bruce and Bill voted to return along the trail and Nick and Ken continued on in to the City and Southbank. Melbourne was showing herself off in all of her summertime beauty. We surely are blessed to have access to such magnificent facilities – and good friends to share it with. After lunch, we proceeded along southbank and crossed the river at Queensbridge and rode back along the river and through the parklands at the MCG to catch the train back home at Jolimont. This could be a jumping off point for future bay rides. We could avoid stairs, escalators and other potential impediments that some don’t seem to cope with all that well!
Another pleasant diversion. All up, a great start to 2014.
Keep peadalling!……

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