Meeting No. 110

BirthdayBannerOn Tuesday 15th March the Diamond Creek group held it’s 110th meeting and also celebrated five successful years of OM:NI in Diamond Creek.

After a lively meeting the members enjoyed a BBQ to suitably mark the occasion.

6 thoughts on “Meeting No. 110

  1. …………who would have thought five years ago that a group of ‘Older’ Men would gather regularly just to chat and to enjoy each other’s company? Congratulations all…..ramblinkenramplink
    p.s. …..yes Nick. Not a bad looking bunch! kr


  2. I am proud and happy to have shared 3 of those 5 years with a bunch of great new friends…….and even better that they are also a great looking bunch, as the pics confirm.


  3. Take 2 meetings per month, laugh a lot, smile,drink coffee,and eat 2 biscuits and you also will become a radiant good looking bloke.


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