Just a quick post on a short, 20 hour, stopover in Seoul, en route to Milan.

On a humid oriental evening we sampled a traditional Korean BBQ of 3 types of marinaded pork, spicy kimchi salad, various pickled vegetables and hot dipping sauces – just a little different to the Aussie style!

…. and the cold beer was pretty good too!

6 thoughts on “SEOUL FOOD

  1. Hey Nick, I have a new pair of scales I want you to try out when you get back ๐Ÿ™‚ and if they say you have gained weight I have a paintbrush here with your name on it to help you get back in shape again.
    Enjoy your wonderful break.
    Ron ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Asian food is the best and most inventive in the world………..though I must admit we have just devoured fresh caught wild barra which I pan fried in butter and lemon pepper. Prior to this the best barra we have had was at Daly Waters pub a few years ago………….but now we have outdone it. Innisfail has been fantastic with some amazing out of town highlights to be mystified by. It is a balmy 24c, but with the humidity probably feels much warmer. But someone has to do it!!!!


    • Hey Barry – now enjoying Milan and it’s incredible what the Italians can do with some tomatoes, cheese and a bit of pastry – and cold beer of course!


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