Another Birthday


Hard to believe we have another Birthday coming up – our third! Any doubts anyone may have had about a random group of Blokes from the Diamond Valley area getting together in Diamond Creek for a chat have been soundly put away. In fact, this group has been so successful, we now have a world wide following -through this blog! Statistics available to the administrators show that we have visits from many places including Norway and Canada. We’d love to have a comment from those viewing our happenings from either of those places- or any part of the world!
March 18th is our big day – and don’t forget everyone, wear a hat and come prepared for all the fun of our birthday. And Norway and Canada, we’d love to see you here too!……….kr

4 thoughts on “Another Birthday

  1. We will be on the Nullabor and out of contact on the day, but will help the celebration with a little tipple or two. Streaky Bay has been a little adventure in paradise, and we look forward to lots more in the West. Cheers to all my OMNI mates, from BasOMNI


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